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Eliminator Restoration $1,799.00 + FREE Shipping (Discontinued)

The Eliminator Restoration requires four 15 amp circuits for full power.
It needs one circuit minimum and you can add circuits 2, 3 or 4 depending on the size
of area you are drying. Each circuit gives about 23° temperature rise. It also has one low amp cord for the fan.
The Eliminator Restoration is NEC ® Compliant (National Electric Code)
when using a standard 15amp circuit. Perfect for drying houses, businesses etc. You can also attach the 6” Mylar
(see picture below) to the snout of the Eliminator Restoration so you duct heat cabinets, hardwood flours, ceiling cavity,
wall cavity etc. Because to thermostat is modular you can stretch out the cord and put the thermocouple
in the area you are drying and have complete heat control. I was in the restoration business for over 30 years and
I used the Eliminator Restoration on almost all my dryouts.
After using the Eliminator Restoration for years I feel it is the best portable 120VAC heater on the market today.

Please call Eric direct if you have any questions at 303-257-8056

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