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The New Elite 52k with 52,377 Btu's of Heat

Elite 52K New Product

Elite 52K Bed Bug Heater

52,377 Btu's
15,360 Watts
24 Amps 240VAC/30 Amp Circuit/NEC ® Compliant
40 Amps 240VAC/50 Amp Circuit/NEC ® Compliant
Thermostatically Controlled/One 30 Amp and One 50 Amp Thermostat
Both Are Thermostats Adjustable
120VAC Cord for Air Movement
Standard Color Blue
2,500 CFM (Built In)
Thermostatically Controlled
Stackable with DH Elite HT/LA Air Movers
10.5" x 21" x 24"
NEC Compliant

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