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About Us

Why buy from DRI Heat?
With over 34 years in the restoration industry we know the business.
If you need help we can help you because we have been there and have a pretty good idea what you are going through.
We will give you our best advice on what equipment will work best for your particular situation and how to use it.
You can call Eric direct at 303-257-8056 and you can be assured you are buying from a company
that knows the restoration industry.
Unlike many other companies that just want to sell you equipment and have no idea how to use the equipment.
We are there for you!

At DRI Heat we specialize in restoration heat equipment. We have been in the restoration for over 34 years. Below are some links to some of out products


We also sell a full line of bed bug equipment for treating bed bugs.

Below are some links to bed bug sites.