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Eliminator Restoration + FREE Shipping

Eliminator Restoration + FREE Shipping

$ 1,799.00 $ 1,999.00

ELIMINATOR Restoration

20,474 Btu's
6,000 Watts
Thermostatically Controlled.
NEC ® compliant

Eliminator Restoration Included Accessories

One Section of 6" x 25' Mylar Ducting


The Eliminator is 120VAC Heater. The Eliminator Restoration is NEC ® compliant using standard 15amp household breakers. The Eliminator Restoration is Thermostatically Controlled with Up to 92F temperature rise capability allow for proper temperature control in positive, neutral or negative pressures • Digital thermostat w/12’ cable measures temperatures from within the drying or tented area for accurate control of drying temperature


Xactimate Code

Approved as WTRHTAM @ $230.00 per day

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